Drew Geritz, head golf pro at Redfield Golf Club in Eugene offers this helpful tip on how to make sure you’re hitting your shots straight and consistently.

“One of the most important keys to hit consistent, straight shots is hitting the center of the club face.
Impact location is key in hitting the ball the same consistent distance and straighter shots.
A quick and easy way to find out where you are hitting the ball on the face is to purchase a can of Dr. Scholls foot spray.
Before you hit a driver, spray the club face.
When you hit the ball it will show you exactly where you hit it.
From there you can make adjustments to find out how to hit the center of the face more often and more consistently.
This is a cheap way to find out. A can costs about $4 and lasts a long time. It also wipes off the club face extremely clean and leaves no residue.”